The beauty of mistakes

This is just a quick post about what happened to me very recently and made me realize that making mistakes can actually improve your results.

On a very random day at work, I started to play with a new program called Cinema 4D. It basically creates videos from 3D models and it is probably the most complex software I’ve ever played with. That’s why decided to sign up for as they have a wonderful tutorial covering Cinema 4D.


Long story short, as it is when you learn new things, you make mistakes. And so did I. I wanted to record a movement of one object from a horizontal position on vertical position and with a twist around it’s horizontal axis by 90 degrees. I wanted a simple move and god bless these new software power apps - you only have to tell it the starting state and the end state and program will figure out everything in between.

And it did! It did it a completely different way from what I wanted originally, because I might have messed up in my instructions to it, but the result was even better than I wanted.

Then it hit me that this actually happened to me before. Back in 2004 when I was 14 years old, I’d been programming in HTML and PHP for a little over a year. One of my friends asked me if I could make him a website as he was a DJ who needed some promotion and this was back when not many people had their own websites.

I agreed and started to create the structure with HTML table (I started using css a year later). The design was all in HTML, playing with colors in tables and hover property, very old-school stuff by today’s standard. But one night, I accidentally copied wrong tags of tables and created a grid in the middle of the browser window. Then it hit me that I could actually use it and build the design around it. So there I was coding a website with a grid menu, that changed colors of its boxes when you hovered over them… I showed it to my DJ friend and some other friends and everyone loved it.

So the moral of the story is - don’t panic if you make a mistake. Instead, take a step back, look at it from a different angle and think of how you can use to your advantage because your result might be even better than what you originally wanted. TL;DR: Improvise!


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