Mobile, oh mobile!

I have always been the most forward thinking person among my friends, with the latest phone and the full spec computer, or two. I have always used the most modern technology and followed the newest trends even if they turned out to be stupid in the end. So why am I still using an iPhone 4S in mid 2014?

Without getting too much into detail, I have to say that this is my 3rd iPhone 4S, not the 3rd iPhone, my 3rd “iPhone 4S”. The first one was stolen and the second one was white and fell out of my pocket while sitting on a lift on a skiing trip. Both of them had “find my iPhone” on, but I never found them. So why did I buy a black iPhone 4S again?

It’s simple, it did everything I wanted it do. It was always fast enough, it could run pretty much all apps from the App Store, I could use it to call and text people, I could use mobile banking on it and that was it. I never felt that I needed a larger screen or a golden color or a fingerprint reader. What’s more, I hate texting with passion - I believe it is much faster and easier to call someone and tell them what I want than to tap on the phone. I don’t want to sound like an old grandpa, but that’s my honest opinion.

So what am I trying to say? I’ve seen this huge movement, where businesses are investing billions of dollars into making their products mobile friendly and I always thought that mobile was overrated. Now I have to admit that I was wrong.


After my trip across Canada, with the crappiest MacBook Air ever, which would freeze upon opening the Mail app, I was doing almost everything on my phone. I booked a hotel via Hotwire on my phone, I found directions to restaurants and gas stations on my phone via Navigon app, I booked temporary accommodation through airbnb, I was checking and replying to e-mails on my phone, I paid my bills using mobile banking app, I scanned documents needed to rent my new apartment using CamScanner, listened to music on Spotify, checked gas prices using GasBuddy, and I even searched for a new apartment on and PadMapper apps.

This one cellphone replaced my computer almost completely. Then I realized that my original assumption that business are overspending on mobile development was wrong. I thought that everyone was like me: having their laptops and phones sitting next to each other and obviously choosing laptop for whatever they needed to do online. But the reality is that people are busy, running errants, driving, travelling, working and they don’t carry laptops all the time, but they have their phones on them almost always.


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