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I Made a Smart Thermostat

You are probably reading the title above and wondering why would I do that but it really is not as boring as you might think.

First of all, many of you might know that I moved from my old apartment into a house last September. I do love the house and 99% of it and the remaining 1% is the heating system because it is the old-school baseboard (electric).

I, just like Elon Musk, love electricity, but even though Canada is providing it from mostly renewable sources, it can get expensive. So the reason #1 for making a thermostat was to save money.

Reason #2 was the convenience of having and using it. Nest thermostat has been around for a while and it can learn when you leave and come home or your desired temperature. That is a bit too fancy for me because I just wanted to be able to control it remotely, set it on a timer and, obviously, set the desired temperature. And that’s exactly what...

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The beauty of mistakes

This is just a quick post about what happened to me very recently and made me realize that making mistakes can actually improve your results.

On a very random day at work, I started to play with a new program called Cinema 4D. It basically creates videos from 3D models and it is probably the most complex software I’ve ever played with. That’s why decided to sign up for as they have a wonderful tutorial covering Cinema 4D.


Long story short, as it is when you learn new things, you make mistakes. And so did I. I wanted to record a movement of one object from a horizontal position on vertical position and with a twist around it’s horizontal axis by 90 degrees. I wanted a simple move and god bless these new software power apps - you only have to tell it the starting state and the end state and program will figure out everything in between.

And it did! It did it a completely...

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Print Media should be Free

*picture borrowed from

As I was browsing through the latest (printed) issue of WIRED magazine, it got me thinking- why did it I even pay for this?

Once in a while, especially after a long day at work, where I stare into a monitor all day, I come home and all I want to really do is get unplugged. I don’t wanna see any electronics, just be analog.

On Sunday, I went to a bookstore and bought the latest issue of WIRED. WIRED, according to Wikipedia “is a full-color monthly American magazine, published in both print and online editions, that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.”

So today I felt like I needed to be unplugged and I reached out for the magazine. I was flipping through pages, read some interesting articles like this one and looked at some printed ads. Now that I work in Marketing, I can definitely...

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Innovating! or are we?


It’s a natural part of evolution that the old, inefficient things are replaced with ones that can do the same job better. That’s why we have phones that you can play 3D games on, video chat or just take selfies - all important things! No, but seriously, we already have self-driving cars on the roads today, small portable touch-screen computers (also called tablets) that let you work and play everywhere and technology is also helping to save lives in medicine. And I am very thankful for all of this.

But there is one area that I believe is getting exponentially worse. It’s not because people would not be interested in it - the opposite is true, they are, very. And maybe this interest of the masses and its affordability are what’s killing it.

I’m talking about music. Not music in terms of genres or artists because that’s subjective. I am talking about how we listen to music.


I was...

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Mobile, oh mobile!

I have always been the most forward thinking person among my friends, with the latest phone and the full spec computer, or two. I have always used the most modern technology and followed the newest trends even if they turned out to be stupid in the end. So why am I still using an iPhone 4S in mid 2014?

Without getting too much into detail, I have to say that this is my 3rd iPhone 4S, not the 3rd iPhone, my 3rd “iPhone 4S”. The first one was stolen and the second one was white and fell out of my pocket while sitting on a lift on a skiing trip. Both of them had “find my iPhone” on, but I never found them. So why did I buy a black iPhone 4S again?

It’s simple, it did everything I wanted it do. It was always fast enough, it could run pretty much all apps from the App Store, I could use it to call and text people, I could use mobile banking on it and that was it. I never felt that I needed...

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So kids, that’s how I drove across Canada in summer of 2014

It’s been a loooooong time since I wrote a blog post or really any kind of an article. The last time I remember was during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I wrote articles and shot videos about video production stuff but that is only interesting to a very limited group of my friends. So because of my worst deadly sin - laziness - I was always able to convince myself that there has been nothing exciting to write about in the past 5 years. Until now.

I’m not going to say that this trip was planned, in fact the decision to move to Toronto was quite spontaneous but also rational at the same time. Somewhere deep in my mind, I knew I was going to drive across this huge-@$$ country sooner or later but I didn’t know it was going to happen so soon.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.42.51 PM.png

I flew back to Slovakia at the beginning of June to see my friends and family, (hello everyone), eat some delicious homemade dishes, celebrate...

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